Three Reasons To Choose Elite Shungite Over Less Expensive Forms Of Shungite

28 August 2020
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Found only in Russia, shungite is a carbon-based stone with amazing properties. Many people claim that shungite can purify water, protect people from electromagnetic frequencies, and help people feel grounded. Shungite veins are rare, and not all of them produce high-quality shungite. Most shungite is made of 50 to 70 percent carbon, but authentic elite shungite is comprised of up to 98 percent carbon. This pure stone is difficult to come by because only one percent of all shungite is elite shungite. Read More 

It’s Not Too Early To Think About Christmas Graphics

21 May 2020
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What are your graphics needs, exactly? Have you thought about it? Especially regarding the Christmas season. Maybe you run a small company that needs a backlog of Christmas graphics for your clients to select from — as well as others, of course. Maybe you have a product that's going to be released during the holiday season and want to have some Christmas cheer in your product release posters and so on. Read More 

Selling Shirts For Your Business

20 March 2020
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If you run a business in Florida, then you may want to have some shirts designed that you can have your employees wear, give out to your loyal patrons, and even sell. There are different things you can do with the shirts and different ways you can use them to garner more attention for your business to increase your customer base and increase your profits. Here are some things that you are going to want to know about having T-shirts printed for your business in Florida. Read More 

Want To Buy A Few Area Rugs? 3 Great Ways To Use Them In Your House

28 January 2020
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While looking around your house, you may find that it is still lacking in some ways. After a thorough analysis and discussion with your family, you may come to the conclusion that you should pick up several area rugs that you can place in various places throughout the home. Although you may already know about the basic uses of area rugs such as putting one down over tile or hardwood flooring, you should consider all the other great ways to use these rugs. Read More 

How To Avoid Looking Like A Lumberjack In Your Flannel Shirt

13 December 2019
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If you like the idea of wearing a flannel shirt, like a men's double pocket flannel shirt, you might visit a local store and begin to browse some garments. Ideally, you'll find a flannel shirt that appeals to you quickly, but you might hesitate to know how to proceed because you're concerned about how you look. Namely, you might feel that the flannel shirt gives you the appearance of a lumberjack, and not be keen on looking like this. Read More