Three Reasons To Choose Elite Shungite Over Less Expensive Forms Of Shungite

28 August 2020
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

Found only in Russia, shungite is a carbon-based stone with amazing properties. Many people claim that shungite can purify water, protect people from electromagnetic frequencies, and help people feel grounded. Shungite veins are rare, and not all of them produce high-quality shungite. Most shungite is made of 50 to 70 percent carbon, but authentic elite shungite is comprised of up to 98 percent carbon. This pure stone is difficult to come by because only one percent of all shungite is elite shungite. With that rarity comes an increased cost, but the price increase is usually worth paying. Here are three reasons to choose elite shungite over lower-quality shungite.

Purity For Purification

Many people use shungite to purify their drinking water. Much like a carbon filter, shungite is said to remove impurities from water, and some people even claim that it charges the water with healing properties. Most people drink around 64 ounces of water each day, and with so much water entering your system, you want to make sure you drink pure, safe, and clean water. Using shungite that is made of only 50 percent carbon won't be as effective as using elite shungite that is comprised of 98 percent carbon, and most shungite sellers won't be able to tell you what the other 50 percent of your non-elite shungite really is. When you need to purify water, choose a pure elite shungite stone.

Beautiful, Shiny Appearance

Elite shungite has a beautiful appearance that is suited to many applications. It looks deeply black and shines like silver. Many people choose to wear shungite as a way to feel grounded and connected with the planet. When choosing shungite to wear on a regular basis, finding a beautiful stone can increase your confidence. Don't settle for shungite stones that are veined with non-grounding minerals that mar the look of the stones. 

Durable Carbon Stone

Just like diamonds are made strong because of their unique matrix of carbon atoms, shungite gets its strength and durability from its carbon matrix. Many impure shungite stones are relatively weak due to the mix of weak and strong minerals that they contain. Pure elite shungite stones are almost entirely carbon, so they are much stronger. This makes them highly useful for carrying around. Some people attach carved elite shungite stones to their mobile phones as EMF protection. Other people carry them in their bags or purses, letting them knock around. Elite shungite stones can handle the roughness of everyday use without showing signs of wear.

To learn more, contact authentic shungite sellers in your area.