3 Things To Look For In An Infant Carseat

5 August 2017
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

One very important purchase that you will make before your baby arrives is an infant carseat. This is where your baby will be spending quite a bit of their time, so you want to ensure that you get a good one. There are certain things to look for in infant carseats and this article will discuss 3 of these things in more detail. 

Carseat Base 

When shopping around for the perfect infant carseat, it is very helpful to look for one that comes with a base. This base is installed in your car, either via the seatbelt, a latch system, or both. This base is what stays in the car at all times. You can then take the infant car seat in and out with ease because you don't have to worry about using the seat belt to put it in each time. Instead, you will be able to place the carseat into the base and it will easily click into place. When removing the carseat, you can simply press down on a button or pull a level, and the carseat comes right out. For many parents, this is a huge game changer and can make taking their infant places so much easier and less time consuming. 

Head Support

It is so important to ensure that your infant has the support they need around his or her head. When they are first born, they are unable to hold up their head themselves, and they tend to flop it about. Because of this, it is important that they have added support in their carseat to stop this from happening. Find an infant carseat that not only offers some thin and comfortable padding for the back of your infant's head, but also a small head cushions that goes around their head and down either side of their neck. This stops your baby from flopping their head back and forth and gives them a soft cushion to rest their head on, no matter what position they are in. 

Stroller Attachment

If you already have a stroller that you want to push your newborn around in, then it is important that the infant carseat you purchase is compatible with your stroller. This stops you from having to purchase another stroller, or extra parts to get things to fit properly. A lot of the time, purchasing the same brand for both the carseat and the stroller is the best way to go about doing this.