Have A Friend That Loves Astronomy? 2 Christmas Gifts They Will Love

17 November 2017
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

If you have a friend that loves astronomy there are many gifts you can buy them for Christmas that they will love. This way you can mark one person off your list and you know they will be happy with what you give them. Below are two of these gifts to help you get started.

Dedicate a Star to Them

One gift you can give is to dedicate a star for someone. This gift is special as no one else can call the star that you purchase their own. You can find companies that will do this for you. If you know your friend loves certain stars tell the company this. For example, they may love the big dipper. Once you choose the star the company will give you a certification with your friend's name and the name of the star on it.

You can print out the certificate on your home printer if you prefer. You can also ask the company you purchase the star from to frame the certificate and mail it to you. They will have different options for you to choose from.

Offer this gift to your loved one outside if it is not too cold. They can then immediately look up and try to look for their star.

Buy a Telescope

If your friend does not have a telescope or if the one they have is old, buying them a new telescope is a perfect gift. There are a variety of telescopes you can purchase in different price ranges.

One type of telescope is known as the Newtonian telescope, which was invented by Isaac Newton. With this telescope, a concave mirror is used to collect light. The light reflects off the back lens of the telescope and then reflects onto a mirror on each side of the interior telescope to the lens that your friend will look through.

Another type of telescope that you can purchase is known as a refractor telescope. There is a lens on the front of the telescope and you look through a tube and then through the lens. This is a simple telescope that works well for looking at stars and planets.

Talk to a company that sells telescopes about these two types as well as other types they have available.

Think of other gifts you can purchase your friends, such as a book on stars and planets or give them tickets to a planetarium.