5 Ways To Use Acrylic Risers Around The Doctor's Office

25 January 2018
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Acrylic risers are primarily used for displaying and organizing products in a retail environment, but they're flexible enough to be used in many other business settings without distinct products. A medical office of any kind, from a dedicated diagnostics lab to a generalist's shared space, can benefit greatly from adding a few acrylic risers here and there. Find out how to streamline your workstations and improve your patient information displays with these helpful ideas.

Raise Your Monitors

The modern medical office has multiple monitors because they're necessary for checking patient records in the exam room, billing and insurance filing at the receptionist's desk, and even for keeping guests entertained in the lobby. All these monitors can take up a lot of desk and table space, but raising them up a level with a clear riser frees that space up again. Store stacks of magazines under the waiting room screen or keep your disposable gloves handy by taking advantage of the extra space under the riser.

Aside from giving you more storage opportunities, risers also help lift monitors up for greater ergonomics at any workstation. Doctors and lab technicians are moving around enough that they often forget about setting up their workstations for ease of use. Even spending a few minutes looking up or down at a monitor can lead to neck pain by the end of the day, so raise up those low monitors so they're easy to use from both seated and standing positions.

Display the Brochures

Informational and helpful brochures are a staple of every medical office, but many offices start out with just a few types and invest in individual holders. Yet when displayed on a table or shelf, the holders look cluttered and hide what's displayed in the back row. Instead of spending a lot on a large wall-hanging display or a space-hogging wire rack, try raising some of the brochure holders up with a riser. It's a more affordable addition to a display, and a riser can be used elsewhere in the office in case you get rid of your brochure holders in the future.

Organize Tools and Containers

Regardless of what kind of medical work you're doing in your office, every workstation in the building can benefit from a few risers for better organization. Clear acrylic is a great choice in the medical setting because it offers superior chemical resistance if there's a spill, and it's easy to see through the risers and grab anything stored underneath them without moving everything around. Risers are particularly useful in lab settings, whether that's a corner of your office for basic in-office testing or it's the majority of your daily work. Look for risers with circular cut-outs for organizing all the dozens of vials necessary for storing samples and testing reagents.

Highlight an Award

When you or your office receives an award, you don't just want to hide it away on your desk or leave it on a work surface where it's in the way. Acrylic risers are great for setting your award apart and making it more noticeable for guests and patients. Risers even work for certificates if you choose a large enough one to support a standing picture frame.

Displaying Medication Samples

Finally, consider a multi-tiered acrylic riser to highlight free items you have to give away to your patients. From medication samples to branded pens or other promotional materials, a simple basket of items is not very eye-catching. Add a sign to the risers to indicate that the items are for your patients to take and you won't have to deal with storing a backlog of stress balls, over-the-counter samples, and other free items that can collect in a medical office.

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