The Secret Language Of Flowers: Learn Which Ones Are Meaningful To An Anniversary Bouquet

24 July 2018
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About one hundred years ago, and a little further back, flowers were given in bouquets and nosegays, just as they are today. However, at that time, flowers were their own secret language. Each flower had (and still has) its own meaning. To give flowers to someone, you had to be very careful about what you "said" in order to avoid awkward and misconstrued intentions. You could easily say something wonderful or awful in a single bouquet. That said, if you would like to learn this nearly lost art of the language of flowers, here is what you should put in an anniversary bouquet to your spouse.


Yes, you are aware that roses mean "love." This is probably the one flower that has managed to retain its timeless meaning. What you may not know is that different-colored roses have different meanings. Red is for love, yellow is for "like," and pink is for friendship and/or gratitude. White has two meanings, depending on the context and use, but neither meaning is really apropos for an anniversary bouquet.


This flower is a little difficult for florists to come by, but if your florist can get them, definitely put forget-me-nots in the bouquet. Not surprisingly, their name is their meaning. It is a nod in the direction of how deep your affection runs for your spouse.


Many ladies love lilies, except that, like roses, the color of the lilies says a lot. White lilies are best, as they proclaim your profound joy at being with your spouse. The white lily says that there is no one else you would rather be with. This is a stark contrast from the orange lily, which means you absolutely despise someone. Even if that is not your intent and your spouse loves orange lilies, you may want to avoid them. Besides, the red rose and white lily look much lovelier together than an orange lily and red rose.


Sprigs of ivy should be the greenery in your bouquet. This timeless plant with its long, curling tendrils has always carried with it the meaning of enduring faithfulness. If you and your spouse have been together a long time, make sure there is some ivy in the bouquet somewhere.

A Few Other Flowers You Could Use

There are a few other flowers you could use in your bouquet. However, you should learn what these flowers and colors mean first. Red or cream-colored tulips mean love and eternal love respectively. Camelias and orchids are also very popular, but they, too, have their own statements and meanings. Once you learn the language of flowers, it becomes fun to express without word what you feel toward your spouse.

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