Three Ways To Celebrate An Empployee's Milestone Anniversary

29 April 2019
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

Company loyalty is a trait to be celebrated, and employees who have been with your business for years may appreciate being rewarded for that loyalty. However, gold watches and trophies aren't always the most exciting reward for your staff. Instead, you may want to consider more unique ways to celebrate your longest-serving employees. Here are just a few ideas for creative employee appreciation gifts to consider.

Office Or Cubicle Makeover

Being comfortable at work can go a long way toward staying happy and satisfied in the job. Consider celebrating staff with a workspace makeover. This might consist of adding a new executive desk or plush office chair to the room, or might might include a new paint job and decor pieces for an executive staff member. Consider small touches, such as a new candy dish filled with gourmet chocolates, as a perfect complement to this new workspace. You can also replace the sign on the door or plaque on your employee's desk with a new one that reflects the number of years he or she has been with the company.

Commemorative Journal Or Notebook

One way to show just how much everyone in the office appreciates a staff member's contributions is to put together all their thoughts in a commemorative book. Consider purchasing a professional journal, and ask the staff to write personalized messages in the first few pages. Every time your employee opens the book to take notes, he or she will be reminded of just how valuable his or her work truly is. Consider a leather-bound journal with the staff member's initials embossed on the front for a more personal touch.

Personalized Gift Basket

While gift baskets aren't always the most unique idea, you can put your own spin on this tradition by creating your own that is uniquely suited to your anniversary employee. Choose a container, whether it's a basket or a decorative box, and fill it with items you know your employee will appreciate. Some ideas might include his or her favorite type of coffee, a mug with the staff member's name on it, or a box of special chocolates. To make the basket truly special, choose at least one high-end addition. For example, adding a tablet or a pair of noise-canceling headphones might make a perfect finishing touch for your staff member. You can also encourage the rest of the office to help pick out items, as this makes the celebration one that everyone can participate in.