Perfect Gifts For Someone Who Has Taken Stress Leave

18 October 2019
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

People typically give gifts to celebrate certain occasions, such as birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries. If someone you know has recently taken stress leave from his or her job, this obviously isn't a time to celebrate — but it can be a time to think of a thoughtful gift basket. Those who are on stress leave can often feel isolated in addition to whatever mental health issues they're experiencing. Being away from friends at work and perhaps even having some family members or friends question their need for stress leave can make this time a challenge. Your support, alongside a gift basket that includes these things, can be a blessing for this person.

Meditation Book

Stress leave isn't just a time to lie around the house and feel miserable. It can be a time for this person to work on his or her mental health. While they'll hopefully have a counselor and other resources at their disposal, the gift of a meditation book can be valuable. Meditation is an effective way to deal with stress and a variety of mild mental health issues, but it can seem daunting to get started. A meditation book in the gift basket that explains the premise behind meditation and perhaps includes a downloadable guided meditation that the person can enjoy will support him or her during this difficult time.


Being on stress leave can be a time to process one's feelings, and this means that your friend or family member in this situation may have a lot of thoughts to deal with. While they'll likely deal with many of these topics in counseling, self-reflection is always a good thing, too. To this end, look for a gift basket that includes a small diary. Choose one that looks stylish or has motivational quotes on select pages. This simple gift may end up being pivotal as they get through this difficult time.

Essential Oils

Many people turn to different scented essential oils to find comfort, so you shouldn't be surprised to see them as part of a gift basket that is appropriate for someone who is on stress leave from work. The addition of essential oils to a hot bath can turn a routine activity into one that is deeply relaxing. Your friend may even enjoy rubbing some of the essential oils onto his or her skin and inhaling their pleasant aromas deeply as a way to reduce stress and promote better mental health.

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