How To Avoid Looking Like A Lumberjack In Your Flannel Shirt

13 December 2019
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If you like the idea of wearing a flannel shirt, like a men's double pocket flannel shirt, you might visit a local store and begin to browse some garments. Ideally, you'll find a flannel shirt that appeals to you quickly, but you might hesitate to know how to proceed because you're concerned about how you look. Namely, you might feel that the flannel shirt gives you the appearance of a lumberjack, and not be keen on looking like this. Fortunately, you don't have to abandon your idea of buying a flannel shirt. There are several ways that you can buy a shirt and not look like a lumberjack. Here are some steps to take.

Choose The Right Color

One of the factors that may have you thinking about how closely you resemble a lumberjack is the color of the flannel shirt that you've tried on. When most people think of a stereotypical lumberjack, they envision a red flannel shirt. You can avoid this look by choosing a flannel shirt in a different color. For example, a shirt with a predominant color such as brown, yellow, blue, or gray will not give you the feeling that you look like a lumberjack.

Don't Wear It With Jeans

The style of pants that you wear with your flannel shirt may also help your goal of not looking like a lumberjack. You might be keen on wearing your new shirt with jeans, but you may feel as though the combination of the flannel and the denim give you the lumberjack look that you're trying to avoid. The simple remedy for this issue is to wear a different type of pants with your new shirt. Khaki pants, for example, can be a good complement to a dressier style of flannel shirt.

Choose A Sleek Style

In addition to the variety of colors, there are also a number of styles of flannel shirts on the market. Many are cut loosely so that you can move freely in them — ideal if you're planning to do physical work in your flannel shirt, for example. Others have more of a tailored look and are designed to sit snugly against your torso. The latter style may be more appealing to you if you're trying to avoid looking like a lumberjack. A slim-cut flannel shirt can give you the appearance of someone who is dressing a little casually for a day at the office — not someone whose place of work is the woods.