A Custom Stole That Represents Your Participation Or An Achievement

11 April 2022
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

If your school will allow you to customize the stole or sash that you will be wearing during your graduation ceremony, visit an online supplier and shop for a stole that contains colors and embroidery that is representative of your school and your educational participation or personal achievements. 

Seek The Recognition You Deserve

Bridal satin is a fabric variety that stoles are typically made of. Bridal satin is shiny and will be highly visible during a graduation ceremony. A quality stole may contain embroidered edges or a machine or hand-sewn design. The tightly-bound stitching may make a product eligible to be machine-laundered and dried. Some manufacturers of graduation supplies may feature some other fabric styles, including cotton, rayon, polyester, and silk. Before you shop for a custom graduation stole, learn what stipulations your school has outlined concerning custom graduation apparel. Participating in a club or earning an academic achievement may qualify you to be worthy of wearing a stole. If you are a club member, contact the director of the club to learn about any stole restrictions that you must adhere to. Graduates may be directed to use a specific color scheme or to add a distinct design to the stole that they each pick out. 

Follow A Custom Ordering Process

Typically, an online template will contain a field that will allow you to add custom colors and unique stitching to your stole. First, browse some stole examples that the supplier sells. When you are ready to design your custom stole, you will be directed to select a fabric style, embroidery thread colors, and accent materials. Accent materials can be used to create a border or to add designs along the surface of the fabric. String or beaded tassels can be added to the edges or ends of a stole. The adornments that you select should not clash with your graduation robe, cords, cap, and other garments or accessories that you will be wearing on your graduation day. After you select the custom features for your stole, the online template will provide you with a pictorial representation of the custom stole that you will be ordering. An online service may allow customers to make adjustments to a custom stole, prior to having a product manufactured and shipped out. Some suppliers may offer rush delivery for the graduation products that they sell. 

For more information on graduation stoles, contact a custom stole shop.