How To Avoid Looking Like A Lumberjack In Your Flannel Shirt

13 December 2019
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If you like the idea of wearing a flannel shirt, like a men's double pocket flannel shirt, you might visit a local store and begin to browse some garments. Ideally, you'll find a flannel shirt that appeals to you quickly, but you might hesitate to know how to proceed because you're concerned about how you look. Namely, you might feel that the flannel shirt gives you the appearance of a lumberjack, and not be keen on looking like this. Read More 

Thermal Cameras: The Most Important Contracting Tool You Aren’t Using

19 January 2019
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When most people picture thermal cameras, they imagine them being used by police or by military special forces. You may even be picturing FLIR (forward-looking infrared) cameras used aboard aircraft for detecting sources of heat on the ground. Whatever your preconceptions, thermal imaging actually has a huge range of uses in private industry. Contractors in particular can benefit greatly from this technology, and this is even more true now that thermal camera imaging systems are affordable for just about any budget. Read More 

The Secret Language Of Flowers: Learn Which Ones Are Meaningful To An Anniversary Bouquet

24 July 2018
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About one hundred years ago, and a little further back, flowers were given in bouquets and nosegays, just as they are today. However, at that time, flowers were their own secret language. Each flower had (and still has) its own meaning. To give flowers to someone, you had to be very careful about what you "said" in order to avoid awkward and misconstrued intentions. You could easily say something wonderful or awful in a single bouquet. Read More